Synthesis and Real Structure Group

Tecnai F30


 Tecnai F30 G2


The Tecnai F30 G2 by FEI, set up in 2006, operates with a field emission gun working at 300 kV (Cs = 1.2 mm).
In addition to high-resolution imaging (HRTEM), it is further possible to work in Scanning TEM (STEM) mode. Hereby, images are recorded with a High-Angle Annular Dark Field (HAADF) detector. For chemical analysis, the microscope is equipped with an EDX detector (Si/Li, EDAX) and a Gatan GIF camera for Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS) and Energy Filtered TEM (EFTEM). The microscope is further equipped for tomography, allowing the reconstruction of three-dimensional images.
Specific sample holders for in situ cooling and heating are available.