Synthesis and Real Structure Group

Precision Ion Beam Thinning


This technique is based on abrasion by ion bombardment.
The sample is placed on a graphit holder (for planview preparation) or in a clamp holder (for cross section preparation) and lowered down into the chamber. Under vacuum the sample is hidden by argon ions. The interaction of an accelerated ion beam with the specimen causes removal of its surface atoms, thus leading to relief polishing. The ion beams are accelerated by a potential, ranging from several kilovolts to a few volts, which arrange the widthness of the beam and the abrasion of the sample material. The process can be viewed with the Ocular / Camera system at the monitor.

Ion beam thinning can be used to plane, longitudinal, cross sections and to wedges. All types of compact single-phased or multiphased material can be ion thinned.



                                                                                                                        Sample after 30min milling in the pips