Synthesis and Real Structure Group

Melting system



                 Melting system under a metal lined extractor hood


Handburner with two c-formed  pipes Desk burner with 3 different sized bits


For melting quarz we use a gas mixture of hydrogen & oxygen.
From long quarz tubes 40cm pieces are broken with a glass cutter.
The hand burner produces two conical flames and at the connection point of both flame tipss the heat reaches 1200°C.
The desk burner has one wider flame, which also reach the temperature of 1200°C.
One tube is now melted by the burner into two ampoules.
After the ampoules have been cleaned, the chemicals can be weighed in. The filled ampoules are screwed into the melting system and pumped out. Under vacuum, the ampoules are sealed and can now be synthesized in the oven.

Sealed ampoules ready for the syntehsis in the oven