Synthesis and Real Structure Group

Focused Ion Beam


FEI Helios Nanolab 600


If an electron microscope is combined with a focused ion beam system (FIB), a "dual beam" is obtained,
which enables the simultaneous observation and processing of materials.

The scanning electron microscope (SEM) allows the imaging of objects and the focused ion beam (FIB) additionally provides
the possibility to manipulate the samples by the controlled removal of surfaces or application of materials such as carbon or platinum.

       1.)  Sputtering a platinum protective layer



 2.) Cut two rectangle crossections


3.) Attach the transfer needle (Omniprobe)
with Pt to the lamella




4.) Lift out and transfer to the tem grid



5.) Attach the lamella with Pt at the tem grid




6.) Thin the lamella (top view)


7.) Thinned lamella (Crossection)