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Specimen Holder

The specimen holder

The specimen holder is a crucial part of a TEM. At the Tecnai F30 G² a side entry specimen rod is used which holds a 3 mm diameter specimen. On one hand a specimen holder must be held stable in the same position inside the objective lens. On the other hand it should also be capable of being moved several millimetres and tilted by large angles. The specimen rod can be moved up to 2 mm in the x and y direction and 1 mm in the z direction to find the sample area which should be analysed. The specimen can also be tilted up to 70 degrees along the long axis of the holder by just turning the specimen holder. It is also possible to tilt in perpendicular direction to the axis. Therefore double tilt holders are used. After the final position of the specimen is found, the specimen should not move more then 0.1 nm while the image is taken. The sample holder used in the TEM Center Kiel:

-FEI double tilt holder

-FEI low background double tilt holder

-Gatan double tilt cooling holder (-130°C)

-Gatan double tilt heating (1000°C) holder

-Gatan single tilt heating (1300°C) holder

-Fischione tomography holder (+70° to -70°)

In the following Illustrations the specimen holders are shown.