Synthesis and Real Structure Group

Catalytic Nanoparticles

Synthesis and real structure-property relationships of transition metal sulfide nanoparticles for desulfurization catalysis


MoS2/WS2 are catalysts widely used in oil industry to reduce the sulfur content in crude oil, which is receiving increasing scientific attention due to environmental protection consideration. Ni or Co promoted MoS2/WS2 are more efficient due to the formation of active sites. In addition, the support materials used for the catalysts play an important role. TEM investigation on the catalyst nanoparticles will be used to acquire a profound undertanding of the relationship between morphorlogy, structural and catalitical properties, which in turn provide as a guidance to the synthetical method.  State of art electron microscopic technology will be applied in this project, i.e. STEM tomography to determine the distribution and arrangement of the catalytically active nanoparticles in nanoporous substrate or on its surface, HRTEM and HRSTEM to investigate the active sites specifically on the lattice of catalyst.