Synthesis and Real Structure Group

Development and characterization of Ferroelectric w-AlScN based thin films

Md Redwanul Islam


The discovery of ferroelectricity in wurtzite Aluminum Scandium Nitrate (w-AlScN) for the first time provides a native switchable polarization in III-V based nitride semiconductor material. Ferroelectricity in these ternary nitride alloys is generally assumed to be a consequence of a successive energetic approach from wurtzite (w) to layered hexagonal (BN) phase. However, compared to well-known perovskite oxide ferroelectrics, nitride-based ferroelectrics are still well-unexplored and lack enough experimental evidence for the exact comprehension of their ferroelectric mechanisms. Therefore, an a tfieldnaccurate experimental base for predictions as well as an understanding of ferroelectricity is essential for the development and characterization of these materials especially under long cycles, varying stress, and electric field. My current research is a part of the ongoing “SALSA” project which aims to substantiate the thermal stability, atomic-scale polarization mechanism and strain dependency of thin-film AlScN to develop a precise insight of the material as well as provide the best possible framework to maximize its ferroelectric properties for high-performance device applications.


German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) (Grant No. 16ES0632)