Synthesis and Real Structure Group

PAK 902

Project P6: Piezotronic effects of freestanding micron-sized composites.


Highly sensitive magnetoelectric sensor systems for medical and bio-sensing applications with limit of detection as small as 1 pT and below have been realized in the former SFB 855. The concept of piezotronic read out, based on the change of charge induced by the piezoelectric potential of the piezoelectric crystal under stress, shall be investigated to reach even higher sensor sensitivity.
TEM provides worthful insight into:

  • Morphology and crystal orientation of ME nano and microcomposites
  • Defects, defect structure and doping profiles
  • Surface roughness of magnetostrictive surface and buried layers
  • Strain on the nanoscale


Work Packages, AG Kienle:

  • AP2: Microstructure and lattice distortions at interfaces
  • AP4: Sample preparation for in situ experiments
  • AP9: Development of functional grids as a new tool for in situ microscopy


Project partner: Prof. Dr. R. Adelung, Dr. B. M. Murphy