Synthesis and Real Structure Group

Li-ion Battery

Elektrochemische und mikrostrukturelle Untersuchung der Prozesse in Anoden für Hochkapazitäts-Lithium-Ionen-Batterien basierend auf Si-Mikrodrahtanordnungen


For modern energy policy an environmental friendly and efficient storage of energy is a key factor. Since its invention about 200 years ago the importance of (rechargeable) batteries increases continuously. Nowadays Li-ion batteries are mainly used because of their high energy density and low memory effect. A new method has been developed to produce silicon microwire anodes (half cells) in a controlled and perfectly repeatable process.  This structure with a compared to common anodes higher surface area provides a higher capacity. Characterization of crucial parts of the anode is done by TEM techniques. The main focus lies on the wires´ microstructure and its change during and after de-/lithiation and the substrate-wire interface.