Synthesis and Real Structure Group

Switching mechanisms in metastable multilayer systems

Lennart Voß

The search for new Phase Change Materials (PCM) plays an essential role for extremely fast non-volatile data storage with low energy consumption. The approach of my project is to deposit new multilayer composites and crystalline multilayer systems (iPCM). As well as switching them in multiple ways. My work includes the fabrication of switchable PCM cells via lithography and their electrical as well as structural characterisation. Therefore, the PCM cell will be deposited between TiN top and bottom electrodes. These cells can be switched either by an electrical or optical impulse or by heating above the crystallisation temperature. Upon switching the change in electrical and optical properties will be analysed with various methods. Furthermore, the corresponding structure-changes at different points during the switching will be observed with state-of-the-art electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction techniques. By the combined approach of in situ- and ex situ- techniques the structure-property-relation will be examined.

The project is 0in collaboration between the IOM Leipzig and the CAU Kiel.