Synthesis and Real Structure Group

Cluster of Excellence 2150 ROOTS - Conflict and Conciliation: Solid State Material Analysis

Khurram Saleem


The development of advanced methodology for the structural, functional and chemical analysis of archaeological materials and items is the aim of our research within the cluster of excellence “ROOTS”. This involves a broad methodological spectrum and synergistic combinations of complementary (nano)analytical methods, including advanced X‐ray diffraction, spectroscopic methods and scanning as well as transmission electron microscopy. This shall enable novel identifiers of conflict dynamics (Subcluster “ROOTS of Conflicts: Competition and Conciliation”) as well as examining possible trade and resource routes for innovation and knowledge transfer (Subcluster “Knowledge ROOTS: Innovation, Cognition, and Technology”). The materials for this investigation are available from different regions of Europe and time periods, including the southern Baltic Sea region between 2200 BC and 1300 AD.

Materialuntersuchungen am TEM-Zentrum im Rahmen des Exzellenzclusters ROOTS, Subcluster 6: ROOTS of Conflict: Competition and Conciliation