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A microtome is a cutting device that can be used to create very thin sections. It is used to produce microscopic preparations, which are to be irradiated later. Typical applications are mainly soft materials and materials.

Although they are driven by a rotational movement, but this is converted into a straight-line movement, so that the actual cutting movement (which is carried out here by the object) consists in a simple up and down movement. In the rotary microtome, the knife is arranged horizontally and fixed.


ultramicro                   Ultramicrotom


The downward movement of the sample holer forces the knife through the sample. The thin slice swim on the water surface.
After the cut the sample holder is slightly retracted so that the sample does not drag along the knife during the subsequent upward movement.
At the hightest point of the movement, the delivery of the sample holder is now moved forward, so far that the next downward movement cuts a thin section of the same section thickness. The slices can either be removed one at a time from the water basin or one waits until several succesive cuts have lined up to form a cutting tape, that can be taken off with a tem grid.