Synthesis and Real Structure Group

Chemical polishing & Electrochemical Thinning


Chemical polishing

This technique is used to produce flat surfaces on materials previously sawn or polished mechanically in order to suppress mechanical damage before using further preparation techniques. All specimen shapes suit chemical polishing. It is full bath chemical dissolution technique. A beaker contains the etching bath, which can be fitted with temperature control.


Electrochemical Thinning

This technique is used to produce shiny surfaces on conducting materials, which have been mechanically polished or sawn, in order to suppress mechanical damage prior to further preparation techniques. Specimens of all shapes can be electropolished.

This technique is only suitable for conducting materials such as metals and semiconductors. Whether fragile or ductile, specimen must be of bulk type, compact and generally single phased. For some multiphased materials and in the presence of precipitates or segregations the appropriate polishing conditions can remain hard to define.


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