Synthesis and Real Structure Group

Image of the month


 March 2017


Silver on Yttria-stabilized zirconia



 May 2016


Nanoparticles in Bright- and Darkfield Mode



 January 2016


Red Light TEM



 September 2015


BiSbTe Dislocation



 August 2015


CuO partikel attachment=



 July 2015


GST 8211=



 June 2015



ZnO spheres=



 July 2014


Copper-target in vacuum chamber



Image of the Month March 2013



November 2012


Image of the Month November 2012



June 2012


Image of the Month June 2012



October 2011


October 2011



March 2011


Multilayered FeCo/MnIr/Cu/Ta on AlN



February 2011


EFTEM elemental map of MgO/Cr/Au/Fe70Pd30 heterostructure



January 2011


under progress



December 2010


3D Electron tomography of an Ag-TiO2 nanocomposite



 November 2010


HRTEM micrograph of an Au-PET nanocomposite