Synthesis and Real Structure Group

Gas-Phase Synthesis of Hetero-Oxide Structures and Understanding Their Photocatalytic Properties

Marie Elis

The project focuses on novel hetero-oxide materials for use as next-generation photocatalysts.
As a key synthesis approach, a gas aggregation cluster source will be used to prepare structures by reactive sputtering from a single target. This preparation method offers the possibility to create nanostructures of controlled particle size and stoichiometry. The hetero-oxide structures will be primarily prepared from CeO2 and TiO2 but the concept can be extended to other oxides.
The structures will be investigated by electron and X-ray techniques like SEM, (S)TEM, XPS, EDX, and EELS to understand the correlation between processing conditions and resulting morphology, crystal structure, and particle size.
The photocatalytic performance will be analyzed by monitoring the degradation of an organic pollutant under illumination with UV as well as visible light.
The combination of obtained information on structural and photocatalytic properties will be used to increase the understanding of photocatalytic processes of hetero-oxides and how they depend on geometrical structure as well as chemical ordering. This knowledge will then be used to effectively improve the photocatalytic performance.

This project is a cooperation with the chair for multicomponent materials (in charge of sample preparation by gas aggregation source and photocatalytic characterization).

DFG-Grant KI 1263/21-1